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August 2, 2012
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Natives of the Ancient by Widdershins-Works Natives of the Ancient by Widdershins-Works
Second bust commission for =BloodrainFireDawn of her Silas character.

I had golden yellow, natural green and brown in my hands to work with at this piece with and had fun, especially to ninja some tribal feel behind it as well. )

Hope you like it!

:bulletorange: More of this kind of arts from my gallery;

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You did so much more with this than I had ever imagined! I am loving the tribal patterns mixed in with the natural elements, and the colors look fantastic behind it. You captured his love of life and nature so perfectly in his expression, and Rhamiel loves his tattoo. ;) Thank you so much! I can't wait to see how the rest of my guys' portraits turn out. :eager:
Btw, I totally bragged about you in my journal [link] ...hope you don't mind. :D
I got a bit too into the atmosphere and had fun working with him a lot!
He was tricky at first not wanted to lay under my tablet well but once I got the spirit it even got me want to draw more and more on it :D
I surely hope I can give justice to your boys as well! They surely will be fun was already thinking today how to nail them for the art!

And you are so sweet!
Thank you very much for your kindness :hug:
Well, I did tell you he is a trickster. :giggle: He's rather vain so I thought he would enjoy it, and I guess he did after a while. lol. Hopefully, the rest of the boys will cooperate for you. :aww: You're very welcome. :hug:
He surely was a trickster at first, tricked my tablet but I think I was the "stronger" and could capture him on the canvas ;)

If I can move my job project on the weekend I possibly can finish another one for you already tomorrow! If not else then on Sunday, this will be a working weekend since the week wet a bit off without me doing too much. )
:lmao: I won't tell him you you said that, or he might want a rematch. ;)

Whenever you can get to it is fine with me...there's no rush. I hope your job pays better than I can. lol.
Haha not sure that I could win the rematch in that case :XD:

I still running as freelancer as I redoing my school mostly with parent support, so all money I earn goes either for my rescued foxes care or to help out the bills in the family.
In any case every money I earn comes handy and appreciated. Especially that I can do in return what I love the most; draw. :D
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