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October 16, 2012
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Contortion et Gemini by Widdershins-Works Contortion et Gemini by Widdershins-Works
Started as a collab, but ended up as a gift art for my muse and friend; =LoeeShian.

The much it caused hardship at many times the more I enjoy the outcome of the whole. And hope you will enjoy it as well )

This piece was started last year, but simply could not nail it that time no matter how hard I was trying. It had several re-paints, fixing, edits before reached this final stage of it.

Once again the base concept was lacking of background. Nothing is harder then compose a background behind the figures later.
I dont hate doing backgrounds, but I hate to compose one behind already settled down position as that way ways harder and often gives the feel to me of plastic.
So this art is over a year old work, only recently tried to finally finish it.

Syrr is mine

Born in the Sanctum amongst the Haal he was raised by their Healer Nahdr and accompanied him still a quite long time before he decided to move into the human world to go for his first hunts. Nave and young he became victim of human lies and betrayal what broke him first, but after a while it even made him stronger. His warrior path leads him often into the darker areas of human desires.

He takes his rank as Champion very serious and is not only able to borrow the talents from other Haal warriors to help his brothers when they are in need, but he sees himself also as moral keeper to cheer up his brothers with easy and happy mood, even if he has to choke back his own pain and tiredness. He is known as somebody often smiling and playful one, but only the ones who are close know when it is honest.
His hunts often push him into slavery which he stands stubbornly and strong, but one of the worst hunts turned in the end even into something great, as only by going through it he could find what only legends told about amongst the Haal as he found, by accident, his true love.


Sasa is =LoeeShians
And yes, he's a guy, if anybody dares to call him a girl will be punished badly

Once born as human in a rainforest as child of an indigenous tribe Sasa is some exotic creature among the vampires. Soft, tanned skin and his seductive appearance made him to somebody demanded and desired.
For some he was a easy going company, cheerful and happy, searching and sharing his joy, for the others he was a warrior, a Hunter, dangerous and cruel with his sword in his hand, feared by his enemies.
But behind the curtains, in the shadows of his double life, he was a whore, forced into prostitution and drug addiction by the Elders of his own Clan, sold to his enemies to serve their perversions and sick fantasies.

But despite this hard past, Sasa still kept his spirit and enjoys his own sexuality beyond words and the best with his lovers Syrr (belongs to me) and Marius, who after the Clans were broken apart took the leadership of all free vampires.


References, inspirations; [link] , [link] , [link] , [link]

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